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End times also mean the end of the satanic rule on earth and the 26,000 year galactic cycle of our solar system and graduation time for some of the souls

Update from Matthew Ward, Sept. 9, 2011:
"The turmoil in your world today is the struggle of duality, the light vs the darkness in souls" - - see complete article at link below:


Planet earth has entered the "Photon Belt" since 1961 and it is going to ascend to 5D level.

The Photon Belt period will last for about 2,000 years and it is now the end of  satan and his minions' regime during this "golden age"  period because they won't be able to withstand the higher frequencies that are well suited for those who will ascend.  The satanic army will go into hiding (they don't like the "LIGHT") and wait till this 2,000 year photon belt phase ends and come back to the planet that will go on living and helping other spiritual beings to experience life again . . . hopefully not in a negative way... and again another cycle starts  . . . there's no ending to the "cycles". . . as it is a "cosmic classroom" for all who are to come and learn in the physical plane.

End times again clearly mean the end of the evil regime / satanic evil controllers of planet earth through their own scripted / staged / created armageddon.  One must stay informed and educated to recognize this biggest lie of the history of our planet so far by satan (name for lucifer at these end times).

ARE YOU READY TO GRADUATE / ASCEND with planet EARTH?  It's totally up to you through your "free will" !!!  Only you and you only can save your own soul!! 

Remember:  Because of the free will given to spiritual beings on this planet, God does not "force" or "coerce" anyone whereas satan uses force, deception / lies / mind control / mind programming / brainwashing / physical power ... to enslave and control us.  That right there, satan, for thousands of years, has been violating the galactic non-interference primal directive and won't get away with it perpetually.

There shall be a remnant leading those ascended spiritual beings to live and experience the 5D life filled with love and light and abundance for all.

The Gods are coming back - - for a good explanation, please see the following video by David Wilcock:

 God created planets, solar systems, galaxies, universes for us (souls, spiritual beings) to use, learn, share, care, love...  God also created "earths" or cosmic classrooms for those souls that need to be cleansed.   God also have created cosmic cleansing cycles in the cosmos to weed out evil energies.

How big are our universes?  It's super huge:

There are 178 billion planets in our Milky Way galaxy alone and motherships keep each planet in its orbit by having 4 electromagnetic  beams pointing at it.   In all, there are 9.1 universes, billions of galaxies and trillions of planets.  Our planet earth belongs to a solar system that is in the 10th universe (the 0.1 after the 9th universe).

The Milky Way’s Two Billion Earthlike Planets: An Update Posted by December 13, 2011

Note to the galactic picture below:  Our solar system passes "Twice" through the photon belt in its complete 26,000 year cycle - - for more info, please see 2012 video below:
 Great video information / presentation with many speakers about 2012:

same video above is also at:




Photon Belt info (see above picture)  (Photon Belt information was first put out by Hatonn in 1992)  (Repeat of Photon Belt info in 2009 - - P.4)


The Milky Way’s Two Billion Earthlike Planets: An Update

Posted by December 13, 2011
(NASA and other videos) 


The controllers of this planet (aka cabal...)  are a bunch of evil souls working for satan (name for lucifer in these end times) who have made up their own agenda (script) and have been scaring the "spiritual beings" of this planet into believing in their lies about these end times (aka "graduation" / "ascension") called armageddon.  See page 1 of:

The cabal's goal is to prevent "spiritual beings" who experience the "physical" here to graduate / ascend to a higher dimensional consciousness  and to:

1)  Remember about the relationship / connection with their God / Creator and the knowledge of the Laws of God, Creation and Balance well.  See the first pages (i & ii) for these 18 Laws of God, Laws of Creation & Laws of Balance:

2)  Remember and know that our souls are eternal and we always can come back and learn and experience the physical (3D / 3rd Dimension) as needed to cleanse ourselves (i.e. our souls)

A good speech from Japanese Princess Nakamaru can be viewed at the following link:   (Princess Nakamaru of Japan - part 1 of 3  Reincarnation)   (Princess Nakamaru of Japan - part 2 of 3 w/ Zagami)    (Princess Nakamaru of Japan - part 3 of 3)

3)  Make sure we are well Brainwashed / mind controlled  to believe that there are no "cosmos brothers" out there in space / other solar systems / galaxies / universes (they don't want us to know about UFOs and other existing civilizatons out there in distant solar systems and galaxies etc...)  

Essentially they want to trap as many as possible (spiritual beings / God's children) in the "physical" (prevent us to ascend / graduate) and when we "reincarnate", we come back with that lack of knowledge and become slaves to the cabal again.  Quoting page 3 of:


This IS the ultimate goal, my friends, to capture mankind in the pleasures of those five senses. By promising you all sorts of rewards of an earthly nature, the adversary to God and man hopes to steer you away from God and His (and The Creation’s—two separate things) Laws of balance and love. Love does not mean to go fool around with someone; it means to give. And when you are REgiven, as you would have someone do unto you, that is expressing like God. The problem has grown to be that man no longer expects to be treated well. That is the result of what the Luciferians have foisted off on your civilizations over these long centuries of existence.

You see, the goal has always remained uppermost in the minds of the Jew. He does not like you goodly Christians, nor does he care for “your” God. He keeps isolated to himself in self-imposed “ghettos” so that the Jew can plot and scheme on how best to do you in. And there are backup plans behind their backup plans in case things do not go their way. So much so, in fact, that you now have an entire world that functions through criminal politics and HEAVY BLACKMAIL. These Elite Deceivers choose ones who already delve in negative behavior and debasing actions, which are later used to blackmail the ones in point. However, it is the fear of having a goodly man, such as an Obama or a Congressman Clyburn, that makes the deceivers nervous. For these beloved entities connect WITH the people. Now that the world finally has A REPUBLIC OF YOU-THE-PEOPLE (completing what Julius Caesar tried to do when he was murdered by the 10 or 12 senators who betrayed him—“… And you too Brutus?” …), the United States of America has, once again, become the hope of the world. Since you outnumber the Jew 7 billion to one, he has to pull his top card in order to finally subdue and crush the masses. We are speaking of the grandest deception in all of Creation. It will be this present generation of humanity who will witness this event. But remember—this is WHY you volunteered to return! But let us LIVE! so we can get the job done. The attitude, however, is correct!"   end quote

A good angle of understanding how the souls move up the ladder of consciousness will help you to see the above information about "not being able to graduate / ascend" because one is being trapped is valid:


Since this is a "free will" planet / cosmic classroom, it's up to EACH Soul to learn the lessons well so to pass the test and graduate.  Each must find the relationship / connection to our creator God and fully understand and accept that there are plenty of "cosmos brothers / sisters" out there in other distant civilizations. Grades can't be skipped in these "cosmic classrooms" / "earths"  - - see info below:

COSMIC CLASSROOM:  Earth Shan  :  Page 3 of:

All that man desires and dreams for exists in the unseen world. Heaven, enlightenment, re-incarnation, the re-uniting of friends or cherished family members—even floppy-eared puppy—who has grown to become as loved and as cared for as any human, are longed for at times of “transition”. “Death” is simply the transition from one state of awareness back to the source of all-knowingness. That is the only “barrier” that seemingly separates man from me. And yet, once you have made that transition, it is immediately recognized that all things are of the whole. Only the perception is different according to what you are being taught before you allow the body to “die”. Because as you believe in your mind, so will be thy next incarnation. Where you left off as to your progression in thy lessons is where your journey will continue. “Grades” are not skipped in the cosmic classrooms; if the lesson to be learned is not comprehended, or at the very least understood, then you will incarnate again until you get it.

Some of you have come from the higher levels of learning and are, indeed, older and more experienced than those ones around you still struggling in their search for truth. The higher, more learned entities are the guides I assigned to teach the great masses. In turn, mine Angels, called “Hosts”, are charged with teaching those who would be the new teachers. For this is how I choose to instruct the creatures of my imaginings. All extend from the one—me—and all return to their source in me.  
The “evil” entities are allowed to learn their own lessons also in the play of Creation. Yet, I have created mansions for the allowance of their “sins”—which are merely errors in judgment. I have restricted their movements and so the entities of evil intent are not permitted to travel the wonderment of Creation."


Attention USA patriots:  If you want to (we live in this free will planet) take back our country from these evil bolshevik / satanic nazis who are in control, please study the info in the blog link below and take action: 

(More info on "Reclaiming a planet"   =

Phoenix rises from the ashes, "The Phoenix Educator" through Commander Hatonn and other hosts of God info.  So who is Commander Hatonn?

To keep up with Commander Hatonn's latest writings, the "new series", please go to:

Nikola Tesla's writings for the world to know:


Many people in the US don't know because of the mind programming / mind control / brainwashing that have been done to them.  Excellent History Channel video: Mind Control: America’s Secret War (43 min)

All is symbolic with these clever deceivers, for they are expert at mass mind manipulation.  Through such as the Tavistock Institute in London, England, and the U.S. “think tank” called RAND Corporation (Research ANd Development), your evil
adversary has mapped out human reactions to staged events.  This allows the response to be guided toward THEIR secret goal of enslaving a world populace. 

More info on mind control:  and

Some videos on HAARP and mind control can be seen at:

Deeper insights into the Illuminati formula – mind control …

CIA  mind control experiments video:

How to braiwash a nation videos:

Bill Clinton apologizes about cia mind control experiments etc...

Skeptical still?  Eye opener for starters who like to wake up because they feel something is not right. 


For those who like to review the 18 Laws of God, Balance, and Creation, see below.  They are from the following journal in pdf format:

1) You shall have no other Gods than the God Creator before you and abide with the Laws of The Creation which encompasses all. Also known as The Law of One

2) You shall not make for yourselves idols and false images to worship as Gods for therein you give power into the hands of evil

3) You shall love the Lord God with all your heart, soul and being (you must love thineself as God and God as self)

4) You shall not use the name of God irreverently, nor use of it to swear a falsehood

5) Remember God’s Day and keep it Holy

6) You shall honor your mother and father

7) You shall not murder you fellow man

 8) You must not commit adultery

9) You must not steal (materially or emotionally)

10) You must not covet or envy that which belongs to your neighbor

11) You must not impose nor force your free-will upon the free-will of another. Also known as The Law of Non-Interference

12) You must not judge others, but you must wisely judge all behavior and actions which are contrary to the Laws of Balance of God and The Creation

13) As ye sow so shall ye reap. Also called The Law of Cause and Effect

14) You must honor all commitments made in service to God, The Father, The One Within

15) You must obey the wisdom of God for the responsible and balanced procreation of your species

16) You must do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Also called the Golden Rule

17) Evil (Adversaries of God) must always wear a sign of their evilness. (By their fruits ye shall know them)

18) You must not commit the act of slavery upon any human being of God


Other informational links for research and study: (take back the USA from the nazis) (Lots of whistleblowers / ufos / aliens etc)

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